Sowden Products are environmentally responsibile

Following research into new lighting ideas, SOWDEN was founded in the Autumn of 2021. The results of this research and product concepts were shown in Milano during Super Salone in September of that year. The first commercial catalogue of the new brand was presented in June 2022, during the Milano Design Week. Since then, SOWDEN have created a comprehensive collection of lighting designs and built a distribution network in many countries.

The creative process and development of their product ideas relies on a continuous contact with manufacturing organisations that allows SOWDEN access to many innovative technologies and industrial methods. Based in Milan, where their design office is located, they have a showroom. In addition to recently adding lifestyle accessories and furniture items to their catalogue, SOWDEN continues to research innovative technology and lighting ideas.  

Our first lighting collection, SHADES, is a series of lamps including Ceiling, Table, Floor lamps, and a family of battery-powered designs suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Following recent EU directives, regarding environmental responsibility and the RIGHT TO REPAIR, we have developed the SOWDEN LED DISC a light source that can be simply unscrewed and changed, as are all batteries easily replaceable with new ones when necessary. Our lifestyle products are household and personal accessories - everything made from the best, carefully chosen, materials and approved to international safety and environmental standards - our aim - long life to the things you love – and, by the way, all our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and excludes the use of any plastic parts.